People at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church find joy in the word of God. We gather in community to hear God’s word proclaimed, to pray for ourselves, for our forgiveness and for the needs of God’s people. We gather at the Lord’s table to share a communion meal and then we leave, ready to begin our service in Christ’s name in the way we live our lives, treat our loved ones, talk to our coworkers and respond to the world. You will fit right in.




Weekly Schedule


9:30 am  

Rite I Liturgy — First Sunday of the Month

Rite II Liturgy — On All Subsequent Sundays

Nursery, Sunday School (Catechesis of the Good Shepherd)

10:30 am Coffee Hour



9:30 am     Rite II Liturgy   |    10:30 am    Coffee Hour






When You Arrive

342 E Wood St., Palatine, Il 60067 Google Maps


You will be greeted by our ushers who will ask you to sign our guest book.  If you have children, you will be directed to the nursery, or, Sunday School classrooms. 


Also, you will receive our Sunday Bulletin that has not only the service, but, announcements and schedules. 


After the service, please join us in the Parish Hall for a coffee hour.


Our Prayer

Our Prayer for you is that as you enter our narthex you will be greeted by friendly, smiling faces who will share with you a love of our church.  Entering our nave to join us for the liturgy and worship, we hope you will find peace, spirituality and serenity.  A place that will welcome you no matter who you are as a loving member of the Body of Christ in whom we love and trust. 


As part of the liturgy, you will hear the word of God through lessons taken from the Old and New Testament, and, brought into everyday life situations through the sermon delivered by our rector . . . something that explains the word of God and that you can apply to your daily life.  Joining in prayer through singing is always encouraged, as this lifts our prayers in praise.  Our Eucharist is given through bread and wine, and all baptized people are welcomed at the altar rail.  Leaving us after the service, you will be asked to “go, in peace, to love and serve the Lord,” and you will leave with a gratefulness for His blessings and love. 


Come join us and experience what so many of us experience every Sunday!



Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the most commonly asked questions. If you have others, please contact us here.


If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the Member Information Form.

What differentiates the Episcopal religion from other denominations?

The difference between the Episcopal religion and other denominations is the liturgy.  The Episcopal faith is centered around the Service or Mass, which always includes the Consecration of Bread and Wine, and the distribution of Holy Communion.  We use the Book of Common Prayer, which has two offerings for the Service, Rite I and Rite II.  Rite I has a traditional service, whereas, Rite II has a contemporary service.  Those of the Roman Catholic denomination will find the service to be similar to theirs, but all other denominations have found a “home” within our faith.



Is there a dress code? How about name tags?

No, on the dress code – come dressed comfortably.  Some people are comfortable in jeans, while others prefer to be more dressed up.  Whatever suits your style is alright with us.  What’s important is that we all worship together in our Lord’s House.  We do, however, wear name tags, so that our newer members can readily know who we are.  We will never, though, ask any newcomer to stand up to be recognized.  When you are ready, and you decide to join our parish, a name tag will be made for you and kept on the board in the Narthex.



What is the atmosphere and aesthetics of St. Philip’s?

You will immediately feel very welcomed.  There are many smiling faces who truly enjoy sharing their love of the parish family.  The parish shows its love and caring for each other during The Peace, and afterwards, during the coffee hour.


Aesthetically, our parish is beautifully maintained.  There is a meditation garden/walk and rich landscaping.  Our church has a vintage and traditional look, which oozes with a calming, peaceful and serene feeling.  Come visit us and see for yourself!

What offerings does St. Philip’s have for  kids?

We love children!  Therefore, we have adults in our congregation who have taken courses in a diocesan study on “Keeping Our Children Safe.” 


Our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is taught by teachers who have at least 15 years of experience with this program.  We also offer our young adults the opportunity to serve at the altar as acolytes, which is truly a way to learn the Mass. 


Our well-equipped nursery is staffed by caring, compassionate people who love to be around the younger child. 


Of course, we welcome those children in our congregation who do not care to attend Sunday School, or, who do not want to be separated from their parents. 



What is some demographic and geographic information about St. Philip’s?

We are a widely diverse congregation whose ages range from infancy to seniors.  Our events are planned so that all ages can enjoy most of the event(s).  Our fellowship offerings include everything from Tai Chi to Holiday Parties.  There are spiritual offerings including Bible Study and Spiritual Awakening discussions.  Click here to check out our events.


St. Philip’s is one of over 120 Episcopal Churches within the Chicago area.  You can familiarize yourself with our Diocesan offerings through its website: 



We are located in the proximity of downtown Palatine, a northwest suburb, approximately 30 miles from downtown Chicago.  The Village of Palatine has approximately 65,000 residents.




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