Bible Study

Leader:  TBA

Meeting: TBA: Various times during the year.


Short studies will take place various times during the year.  All are welcomed to attend these informative scripture study when they are available.




Green Thumb

Leader:  Bob Duer

Meeting:  Two Times per month March to October


The Green Thumb group gives its talents to keeping the grounds looking their best.  Over the past several years, we accomplished many projects, including:  building two compressed pebbled mediation areas near the park benches, added planting in the mediation garden to supplement the Serenity Walk and Meditation Garden, kept all the bushes and trees pruned, planted seasonal flowers in the pots and near the Wood Street entrance portico.  Any parish members who would like to contribute time and talent for the beautification of our ground are welcome to join us.



Book Club

Leader:  Judy Zawacke

Meeting:  Monthly


Selections for our readings are drawn from a basket after being recommended by one of our members.  Fellowship is also combined with celebration of holidays.  We have read a wide variety of quality books and increased usage of our lending library in the undercroft.  New members are always welcomed.



Building and Grounds

Leader:  Pete Mayhew

Meeting:  As Needed


This committee maintains the interior and exterior of our buildings.  Improvements are made when needed and feasible.  It also supplies help and fund to the Green Thumbs group to facilitate its work in the gardens surrounding the church.



Lunch Bunch

Leader:  TBA

Meeting:  2nd Friday of each month for lunch


This group promotes fellowship, friendship, sharing, planning and wisdom.  It also arranges seasonal floral baskets in the undercroft windows and on the front serving table.  Updates the glass bulletin cases in the entry way posting seasonal notices, calendars, and images.  They plan the Annual Holiday evening, which occurs on the 1st Monday in December.  This event includes a light supper and caroling.  


Spiritual Awareness

Leader:  Deacon Dan Hughes

Meeting: 1st Tuesday of the Month from October through May


Deacon Dan leads this group who meet after the Service and Coffee Hour on the 1st Tuesday of each month from October through May.  Explore and enhance your spirituality and growth.  All are welcome!

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