Memorial Committee

Leader:  Linda Smith

Meeting:  As Needed


The Memorial Committee is comprised of three appointed members who serve a three-year term, and the Rector, who is a non-voting member.  It serves as the guardian of the Columbarium. 




Leader:  TBA

Meeting:  As Needed


The purpose of the committee is to develop ways to encourage people who visit our parish to become members.  In addition to special activities, visitors receive a gift bag containing information about us, being an Episcopalian and Episcopalian rites and sacraments. The gift bag also contains such items as a key chain and magnet.



Social Committee

Leader:  Linda Smith

Meeting:  As Needed


This Committee plans, organizes, and implements social events throughout the year, including weddings and funerals.  Some of these events are the Easter Brunch, Annual Meeting, Annual Picnic, and our biggest fundraiser, the Annual Auction. 



Publicity Committee

Leader:  Dolores Kampert

Meeting:  Once per month after Sunday Coffee Hour


This committee serves to advertise our parish activities in many ways, but primarily through our monthly Newsletter, The Epistle, Facebook, and, our Website.  The primary purpose is communication, either through social media, or, written communication.  We always welcome anyone who has an interest in this field. 



Safety Committee

Leader:  TBA

Meeting:  As Needed


The committee interacts with all functional areas of our church life, and focuses on the safety and security of our parish family, visitors and facility. 



Stewardship Committee

Leaders:  Senior & Junior Wardens

Meetings:  As Needed


The yearly Stewardship Drive’s focus, dates, speakers, format, communication to parishioners is the responsibilities of this committee.  The goals are to support and inspire parishioners to meet or exceed the financial needs of our parish and our commitment to our community.



Technology Committee

Leader:  Mike Livingston

Meeting:  As Needed


Keeping the church’s technology infrastructure up-to-date is the purpose of this committee.  This infrastructure evolves as needed to support the mission of our parish.  Your participation and/or help is needed by letting us know of any issues with the videotaping, sound, programming and printing of our parish’s technology needs.  If you have a talent in this area, please join our team of technology professionals.


If you are interested in joining or helping with these various committees, please click here to email the parish office, or, contact the parish office directly, 847-358-0615.

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