• The Reverend Jim Stanley

    Fr. Jim came to St. Philip’s in April of 2016.  Prior to a call to ordained ministry, he was a licensed lay preacher, a journalist, a broadcaster and a dealer in American military and historical artifacts and documents.  


    Jim has one adult daughter who makes him very proud.  He loves all kinds of music, believes dogs and cats are equally lovable and wishes broccoli and spinach tasted more like deep dish pizza and less like ...well...broccoli and spinach.  Jim’s favorite food is soup, especially turkey noodle and beef barley.  A long-suffering fan of the White Sox and Pittsburgh Pirates, Fr. Jim is learning patience and humility all season long. 


    Fr. Jim, Deacon Dan and the people of St. Philip's care about you and are eager to prove it.  If you'd like to set up a time to meet with our Rector to discuss membership at St. Philips, Holy Baptism, Confession or whatever, just give the parish a call during our Tuesday through-Friday business hours.

  • The Reverend Dan Hughes

    Dan was ordained to the diaconate on February 7, 2007.  After ten years of service, he was encouraged to take a sabbatical due to several life events.  After a period of discernment, he agreed to a one-year sabbatical from active ministry.  It was halfway through his sabbatical he was asked to just “check out” an Episcopal parish in Palatine, and was asked if he could help serve at St. Philip’s for a time.  Dan attended the church services for a couple of weeks, incognito, and was very moved by how friendly and inviting the people, and rector are at St. Philip's.  Dan agreed to be assigned at St. Philip's, with Christmas Eve 2017 being his first service.  It was soon after that he agreed to apply for a permanent assignment to St. Philip's.  Dan is very pleased and filled with joy to be able to serve at St. Philip's now and long into the future.

  • Diane Dugovic
    Office Manager

    Diane came to St. Philip’s in October 2013 as a part-time office manager.  She is the heart and soul of St. Philip’s during the week.  A few of Diane’s greatest assets are her knowledge stemming from working in big business for many years, and, her organizational skills that keeps our Parish calendar and activities running smoothly.

  • Michelle Webb
    Organist / Choir Director

    Michelle was born and raised in the rural town of Claysburg, Pennsylvania.  Her interest in music started early in life.  By the age of eight years she started taking piano lessons, and, by the age of twelve years, she took up organ as well.  She studied organ under the direction of Brenda Gregory from Altoona, Pennsylvania, until she went off to Slippery Rock University for piano.  Michelle majored in Music Therapy/Education and studied piano under the direction of Dr. Nanette Kaplan Solomon.  After college, she was hired by Bethany Lutheran Church of Altoona as an accompanist and part-time organist.  


    In 2005 she moved to Huntsville, Alabama, and shortly thereafter, she was hired by St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Madison as the organist.  She continued to play there until 2014 when she moved to Brookfield, Illinois.  After subbing for a few churches around the area, she was hired by St. Philip's in 2015.

  • Linda Smith
    Catechesis Teacher

    Linda grew up in Michigan City, Indiana.   She attended both her father's Syrian Orthodox church and her mother's Episcopal church.  She went to Ball State University in Muncie, IN, and taught high school in Michigan City for 2 years. The travel bug bit her, and she began as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines in 1970. She flew for 36 years and retired in 2006.   


    In 1979, Linda married Steve Smith. They were blessed with Lauren in 1982, and Matthew in 1984. Steve passed away in 2008.  After retiring from Delta, she worked for School District 211 at Palatine High School until her retirement in December 2018. Linda keeps herself busy by subbing at Palatine High School.  She feels she has joined her second family at St. Philip’s in 1982, and has been active on several committees, including teaching Sunday School for 27 years. 

  • Lisa Gillette
    Catechesis Teacher

    Lisa has been a member of St. Philip’s Church since birth.   Her parents, Andy and Sophie Obara, brought her to St. Philip’s every Sunday, where she was baptized, confirmed, and eventually married to her husband, Steve.   Steve and Lisa have two daughters, who inspired Lisa to become a catechist in St. Philip’s Atrium, and to receive training in all three levels of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  


    Although their daughters are in high school and college, Lisa still enjoys being a catechist and helping young children build a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.   When she is not being a catechist, Lisa sings with the choir, plays with babies in the nursery, and occasionally serves as a vested reader.  In the past, Lisa has enjoyed serving as a vestry member, stewardship chair, auction chair, social committee member, and second chalice bearer.  Lisa loves St. Philip’s, not only because it has always been her parish, but also because it continues to be a thriving, ministry-oriented, loving, and welcoming place to call “home.”

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