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Deacon Dan has recently spent some time in discernment, prayer and talking with members of St. Philip’s Parish. Because of this discernment and discussion, he feels moved to host the Retreat in the World once again.

What is the Retreat in the World? It is a program of prayer and meetings with a spiritual director, following a pattern of meditation, contemplation, and scripture reading.

Why would one wish to do this? It is for people who believe in God, for those who believe prayer is important and those who have searched their spiritual heart and have found a desire to go “deeper” with God. It can be an intensive transformation if we allow it.  

If you would like to know more about this retreat, Deacon Dan has scheduled a question-and-answer session on August 27th. The retreat will have our first meeting on October 8th.

Deacon Dan, in his role as a Spiritual Director, has led 5 Retreats in the World. He has learned much about what works and what does not work. His main concern is that you find what you desire and what you are seeking. This retreat will help you achieve those goals. 

If you feel that God is calling you, please talk to Deacon Dan and come to the information meeting on August 27th in the parish hall. Peace and Grace. 


The event is finished.


Oct 08 2023


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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